Why Hire Kaizen Roofing & Contracting to Install Your Siding

Siding in Fairfield, Licking, & Muskingum County, Ohio

If you've just bought or built a new home and are thinking of installing siding for the first time, there's no doubt it can be intimidating. Not only do you need to find the right material and contractor to see your vision through, but you also must consider exterior paint colors and shingle roof styles.

It's time you hire Kaizen Roofing & Contracting to install your new exterior siding in Fairfield, Licking, & Muskingum County, Ohio. Here are six reasons why:

Proven Experience

Our company has been serving homeowners like yourself since 1997. Over that time, we've developed an expertise that only comes from working hundreds of different homes with all kinds of materials and styles–which means you'll get the right work done the first time around. We've been told by several homeowners that our prices were lower than other siding companies they'd received quotes from, but the work was still high quality.

Affordable Pricing

When you hire a contractor to complete a task for you–whether it's small or large scale–you want to be confident in their ability to finish the job within your budget. Fortunately, when it comes to the cost of installing siding on your home, Kaizen Roofing & Contracting can typically save you more money while providing an equal level of quality service and materials as some of the larger contractors out there! Some homeowners have even reported that we were upfront with them about entering a contract with us, while others who hadn't been still more than willing to stick with us even though we charged a small cancellation fee.

Proven Track Record

Every contractor has a history of satisfied customers, but not all customers come back to their contractor for additional or future work. That's why it's important that you hire someone who consistently gets the job done right and at high-quality standards from start to finish, which is what Kaizen Roofing & Contracting does often. Just look at this Yelp testimonial:

"We recently purchased a home and wanted to make some exterior changes and updates and Kaizen Roofing & Contracting was hands down our best choice we could have made! They do beautiful work and really listen to your wants and needs to make sure you are satisfied. We had our siding completely replaced, gutters done too, plus some other small projects around the house. He is extremely trustworthy, and his workers do very good work! We will definitely be using them again in the future…Thanks again!"

A Professional Craftsman Team

At Kaizen Roofing & Contracting, we know how important it is to provide our clients with a sense of safety and security when working in their homes. That's why we take pride in using the most talented crew who have the skills and expertise needed to ensure the quality of their work and those who can be trusted to keep your property as safe and secure as possible throughout the job. Our team is made up of Amish craftsmen who have decades of quality building experience.

Unparalleled Support

You want to make sure you're hiring someone who knows how to be there for you when problems or questions arise, which is why Kaizen Roofing & Contracting is the only siding contractor you'll find in Knox County, Ohio, that offers a 2-year warranty on every project we complete. We also offer free in-person estimates for all our siding services, which means there's no reason you can't pick up the phone today and set one up!

Interaction with Clients

In conclusion, we know that when it comes to siding your home, you want the job done quickly and correctly. That's why our expert team of designers, installers and craftsmen are quick to answer any questions you may have, plus they will make sure to stay in contact with you throughout the entire process.