Kaizen Contracting & Roofing

Continuously Seeking & Delivering Excellence

kai·zen (ˈkīzən/)

The Japanese word kaizen means "change for better", with inherent meaning of "continuously improving".


Phil Gingerich is a man described by his friends and clients as integrous, ethical and a person that keeps his word. This is a result of growing up in an Amish community where excellent workmanship and superior work ethic is the expected standard. Phil is considered an expert in the contracting and roofing industry due to specializing in storm damage restoration and insurance claims process since 2009.

We believe in maximizing on the opportunities every day to learn & grow to be innovative with our building and restoring. We work hard to create 'change for better' for families and businesses.

Kaizen Contracting & Roofing was launched because we believe that no one should have to go into a project feeling uninformed or unprepared. People work hard for their homes and businesses. People should feel that working with a company that is prepared and continuously seeking excellence in work ethics and quality workmanship is not out of reach or impossible.

Our vision is to Build, Restore and Deliver Peace of Mind that the home a person is personally & financially invested in, is stronger at the completion of our contract then when we first walked into it.

Our 20 years’ experience, dedication and results have positioned us as a highly sought after contracting and roofing company.

Thank you for checking us out.

Phil Gingerich, CEO