Metal Roofs are A Popular Choice in Newark, Ohio Homes

Recent statistical data show that the percentage of homeowners who have selected metal for roofing material has grown rapidly since 2017. According to the Dodge Report, the residential share of metal roofing surged from 12% to 17% from 2019 to 2021. Ohio roofing data is following the same trend.

Yahoo Finance reports the forecast is for the metal roofing to reach a market value of $26.7 billion by 2029. As of 2023, it stands at $17.1 billion. The reasons more homeowners are opting for metal options in roofing are many, from cost to superior performance in all weather conditions to excellent longevity and easy maintenance.

The Most Sustainable

A critical factor in today’s roofing industry is achieving higher levels of eco-friendly sustainability. All industries face increasing pressure from government regulators to meet standards that reduce waste and mitigate other outcomes like climate change and pollution. Metal roofs address all of these concerns positively.

Consider that metal roofs are composed of 25% recyclable material on average. The roof itself is 100% recyclable. Better yet, it’s possible to install a metal roof on top of existing asphalt shingles. That’s a significant advantage since used asphalt shingles account for a significant percentage of landfill space in the U.S.

Finally, on the sustainability front, metal roofs reduce energy costs for homeowners while resulting in a smaller carbon footprint because they save ratepayers an average of 40% on energy bills.

Superior Long-Term Cost Outlay Profile

It’s true that metal roofs cost more upfront to install than most asphalt products. However, that dollar amount is reduced and/or eliminated over time. The reasons for this are several. The lower energy bills will more than make up for the higher initial cost over the years. Metal roofs are also far less vulnerable to wind, fire, and hail damage. It simply makes sense to pay for just one metal roof rather than several asphalt roofs.

metal roof newark ohio

Easy Maintenance & Cleaning

Metal roofs are immune to common problems that plague wood or asphalt shingles. That includes molds, termites, and other pests. Metal roofs are easily cleaned with a pressure washer to restore them to a pristine state of beauty.

Common Misconceptions

Metal roofs continue to grow in popularity because many common misconceptions about them are falling away. For example, some people believe that metal roofs are more likely to attract lightning strikes. That’s 100% false. Other folks have the notion that metal roofs will interfere with cell phone and Wi-Fi signals. Again – not true.

Perhaps the biggest misconception about metal roofs is that they are subject to rust. While the old tin roofs of the 1920s may have rusted, modern metal roofing material is extremely resistant to rusting and will likely never rust at all for the lifetime of a home.

Metal Roofs Ideal for Ohio Weather

Ohio is a state with four seasons. From snow and rain to hail and a hot sun during the summers, metal roofs are an excellent year-round, all-season choice for homeowners who want to save money, help the environment, and display an attractive look for their residence.

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