Metal Roofing In Muskingum County, Ohio: What You Need To Know & How Long Do They Last?

The average lifespan of a metal roof in Muskingum County, Ohio, is 40 to 70-years. Some metals can last even longer. For example, roofs made of copper can last for up to 100 years or more. Kaizen Contracting & Roofing has been serving Ohio for decades and has some great information to share about what to expect from the lifespan of your new metal roof, or what to look for with an old metal roof.

The longevity of a metal roof depends on several factors:

1. Correct Installation
Proper installation is one of the most important factors affecting the longevity of a metal roof. An improperly installed roof is likely to have leaks and cracks. And it will need replacement years before a properly installed roof. When installing a new roof, it’s wise to contact a professional contractor. If you prefer to do it yourself, make sure it’s done correctly.

2. Exposure to the Elements
Metal roofing is durable and can withstand all kinds of weather. However, the weather will still affect the lifespan of the roof. Elements such as heavy snowfall, high winds, and rain cause wear and tear. But metal withstands those elements much better than other types of material.

3. Maintenance
Metal roofing doesn’t require much upkeep. But an occasional visual inspection can spot problems before they grow out of control.

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Keep the gutters clean and remove any debris that’s on the roof. It helps to check the roof after a bad storm for debris like tree limbs or wind damage.

A metal roof is durable because:

1. Strong Construction
A metal roof is more than just a sheet of metal. It consists of a system of high-quality components that work together to provide a durable roof. A good metal roof has clips systems, fasteners, and other parts that provide the best performance possible.

2. Resistance to Pests
Pests dislike metal. But pests love wood shingles and shakes. When it comes to pests, a metal roof isn't attractive. And the lack of pests means less damage to the roof, which results in a longer lifespan.

The Longevity of a Metal Roof

A metal roof is a good option if you’re looking for longevity. With the proper maintenance, a metal roof will last for several years. And that’s one less repair for you to think about. We invite you to contact us at Kaizen Contracting & Roofing today to get in touch with our experts to help you through your next metal roofing experience.